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The Big Transition!

Played in a 4v4 without goalkeepers, the Transition Academy is a sporty way for players who are just becoming aware of "the power of team" to gather around a common goal. 

Transition Academy training is very much like other academy training on Mondays and Fridays during the week. It's overseen by licensed coaches who understand the special dynamics that 7 and 8-year-olds enjoy. 

Our games are going to be overseen by licensed referees for the first time in these young player's journey. Not all of the 17 laws of soccer apply at this age, but just enough do where referees (working in teaching mode) will help them understand. 

We're also putting the final touches on our parent volunteer coach's training as well. In Transition Academy, they too are learning the 17 laws, how to manage the bench, how to organize squads, and how to manage the clock. 

All games are overseen by licensed Academy coaches and referees on game day, so the bottom line is focusing on the fun we're having together with "the beautiful game!"