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DSC Forges Partnership with Melwood to Accept Car Donations

By Damascus Soccer Club, 10/19/18, 6:00PM EDT


Now there's a great way to get rid of used cars AND give back to the community at the same time!

A partnership agreement was executed and all support logistics are in place. The Damascus Soccer Club, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, is now accepting car donations as a new way to serve and raise funds in support of delivering character, development, and fun to our community!

Everybody knows somebody who needs to get rid of a used car! 

Now, members from our community (or anywhere in the country) can get rid of their used car, in any condition, get a break on their taxes, and contribute to creating healthy futures for our kids. Our mission of Character, Development, and Fun Through Youth Sports gets a big leg up with this partnership and I can't wait to see our first donations get processed!!

For over 12 years, Melwood has operated one of the most successful car donation programs on the East Coast, processing over 200,000 vehicle donations. This new partnership means smoothly removing old cars from yards, lowering tax exposure for qualified donations, and giving our club the ability to keep costs low, add new training programs, and do more outreach with the community! 

We are SUPER excited to announce this partnership and can't wait to see it start getting some use. 

The Process

The process is easy. You fill out a one-page form, provide essential information about your vehicle, make sure you have the title and/or lien release document if applicable, and Melwood will handle the towing - usually within 48 hours. Melwood's services are paid for (a flat fee for towing and for managing the call center and auction paperwork) and the remaining proceeds go to the Damascus Soccer Club. 

The Benefits

This is what we call a Win-Win-Win-Win partnership:

  • You or someone you know can finally get that used vehicle off your hands and out of your driveway, garage, or yard. 
  • Melwood gets a fee to manage our back office and logistics
  • The Damascus Soccer Club gets the proceeds from any sale
  • The proceeds get put back to use in our community
  • Kids and families in our community reap the benefits of more character, development, and fun!
  • You get a tax-deductible receipt that you may use to offset your tax exposure and keep more of the money you earn