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Heroes of The Week 9/9/18

By Damascus Soccer, 09/09/18, 9:30AM EDT


Today we give thanks for our hero volunteers, staff, and partners who made our first week of character, development, and fun a reality for hundreds of families in our community.

Demitri Aggelis
Heidi Armstrong
Adrien Atonfac
Matt Bowman 
Nabil Chehab
Ygor Costa 
Andrew Deguzman
David Devries
Emily Dhingra
Ross Diehl 
Travis Earles
Ed Echeverria 
Youssef Elkoshairi 
Colby Flint
Travis Fones
Naveen Gogineni 
Joe Hall
Paul Hamburger
Peter Huck
Hank Hurren
Ryan Hyde
Rod Ibacache 
Leon Jackson
Bill Jones
Kevin and Sarah Keith
Matt Kendall
Joyce Kim
Mary King 
Melanie Goldsborough
Kevin Krom
Missy Lambert 
Jeff Laquement
Robert Lawrence
Mark Ludwig
Alisia Madariaga
Andrew Mahr
George Markopoulos
Fon Muttamara
Daniel Nagel
Nate Nagele
Caroline Pena 
Chuck Plunkett
Daniel Stanton 
Greg Sund
Danny Sutton
Ronak Tallur
Victoria Verville
Clay Williams
Stefan Vincent
Caleb Walker
Emily Wäscher
Dana Wethje
Yolanda Wigham
Michael Zegarra

As well as our newest volunteers I met yesterday who did not give their names or have not finished processing. These people have contributed in meaningful ways to making great things happen and represent hope for a great season going forward! We are grateful for them!

Can you think of someone else who deserves our thanks? Did we miss anyone who did something special for you this week?

 Find a way to say "Thank you!"