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Modified Clothing Policy Today for Games Before 10:00 AM

By Damascus Soccer Club, 04/21/18, 7:00AM EDT


Fields are open, but early games will be chilly!

Fields are open and games are playable, but modified clothing policy is in effect for games before 10:00 AM. 

Please review our policy for allowable clothing modifications and safety guidelines for our games before 10:00 AM this morning. 

It's a Great Day for Soccer!

Fields are open today and will be on the chilly side for games for 10:00 AM. Players who are playing before 10:00 AM are encouraged to review the Allowable Clothing portion of our weather policy and dress accordingly.

By 1000 AM, the actual temperature should be 46 degrees with an index of 50. It'll be a great day for soccer!

  • Parents and coaches (anyone not running) should dress warmly.
  • Players on sidelines should remain dressed (if in warm-ups) until they enter the game.
  • Players coming off should towel off (if sweaty) and get dressed quickly.
  • No one should sit or lie directly on the ground. The heat is lost faster to the ground than to air. Blankets and chairs are recommended.
  • Keep hydrated-avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks.
  • Keep an eye on field conditions (wet, icy, etc.). Cold wet conditions can quickly change fields from safe footing to slippery.
  • Keep an eye on the goalie—usually the player who gets coldest first, as not running or moving like a field player.
  • Referees and coaches should discuss weather and fields pre-game.
  • Safety and health of the players come first.

See you on the pitch!