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Games Are Suspended For Today

By Damascus Soccer Club, 04/07/18, 7:45AM EDT


Games are suspended for today due to the cold index

Our fields are open for play, but we are suspending games for the day due to the cold index. The cold index at the moment is 29 degrees and will not be above the minimum allowable level until after 11 AM - which covers most of our games today. Any games going forward would require clothing exceptions and reduced play time.

Our comprehensive weather policy with descriptions of weather index variables - including allowable clothing exceptions at each temperature milestone is posted on our Website here:

Per our published weather policy, minimum playable cold index (temperature + wind chill factor) is 35 degrees. Anything below this number is not safe. 

Anything below 40 degrees cold index will require clothing exceptions. Anything over 45 degrees is playable without exception. 

Today's weather calls for a combination of unacceptable cold index and a brief period of precipitation. The precipitation is likely to further complicate field conditions by making the not only cold, but slippery and wet. 

Please refer to our published weather policy for more details about how we make decisions and the clothing items allowed when the cold index dips below our published minimums.