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Winter Registration Closes

If the tab for WInter indoor is still visible and the button is there, hurry! We will be closing Winter registration at any moment. The Registration period is currently extended, but only for a limited time until a few stragglers get registered. 

If you're looking for Registrations, you're in the right place! The button below take you to our annual planner (start and end dates). Each tab contains info about the program you want. The Support Desk button below is for questions we didn't answer.

Spring 2019 Registration period is open from October 23 through February 1st this year. Our first rate increase will be on November 15th. Our second rate increase will be on January 1st

Select the tab for the program (s) you're most interested in:

Uniforms must be ordered by parents (for our recreation and travel programs - kids 9-18) before February 1st in order to guarantee delivery before season start date.