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Are you looking for a little help with the bill? We have a number of ways you can reduce it - even get a little extra for yourself or for your player. 

Option 1 One - Volunteer

This Club was built by volunteers, it will thrive on the efforts of its volunteers, and this is by far our favorite way to get families involved AND set a positive example for kids to follow. By volunteering, we show our kids through example what it means to be a contributing citizen adult. They won't talk about it when they are young, but they will notice! They will understand at a visceral level that we all have a responsibility to give back to our community. 

We think this is such an important part of growing up, that we built an entire volunteer management system around supporting and rewarding our adult volunteers. 

Along the same lines, we reward kids who volunteer as well. Through an agreement with Montgomery County Schools, we have brought back the DSC SSL program. Kids can help out with the Academy, chase balls for a local high school soccer team, help us clean out the sheds, sort uniform items into kits, and anything else we can think of to put into our Dibs system. 

Starting in 2016, our volunteers earn credits. Credits are earned by doing things. Examples for adults include delivering backpack flyers to schools, putting out signs, making phone calls, organizing fun day events - all the way to coaching a team. 

Credits earned are first applied towards registration fees if the family volunteering has children in the program. It is now possible, through the buildup of credits,  to reduce or completely eliminate registration fees through volunteer work. 

If you are volunteering with the Club and do not have kids in the program, you can still earn credits towards cool spirit wear, gear, and anything else we might add to our incentive program.  

This is not where coaches or those who want to work directly with youth need to register. For those jobs, please see our registration page and register to coach. 

Option 2 - Earn Recruiting Dollars

Those who bring new amilies to the recreation or academy programs can earn up to 10% new member registration fees by simply inviting a new member to join the Club. 30 days after the new member gets registered and paid,  funds will be issued to you for recruiting. 

To be eligible, the new member must not have played with DSC for the past two seasons. Siblings do not qualify for recruitment. Checks are issued 60 days after registration is closed and eligibility is verified.

In the case of monthly membership subscriptions, you will earn 10% of the monthly fee paid each month for one fully subscribed season (4 months in the case of a single season membership and 12 months in the case of an annual membership subscription). 

Option 3 - Scholarship

Coach Donald Pestun and his wife Kathy were long-time members of the Damascus Soccer Club when their son Ryan was killed in an automobile accident on May 24th, 2000 near the Montgomery-Howard county line.  He was a senior in High School and 18 years old. This crash claimed his life just before graduation. 

Read about the story here

The Pestun family had at least 3 kids go through the Damascus Soccer Club program.  Their love of community soccer ran deep. 

Their son, Ryan, was a member of the Montgomery United methodist Church, a member of the Damascus Volunteer Fire Department, and was also coaching a kindergarten team for his younger brother. 

Given the family's love for soccer, they established the Ryan W. Pestun Memorial Fund with the Damascus Soccer Club through the Damascus Community Bank. DSC committed to using donations made to this fund to serve kids in Montgomery County who wanted to play soccer, but were unable to afford the fees. 

Donations to the Ryan W. Pestun fund have been small these last couple of years & the fund has been depleted. The fund still exists, but the Damascus Soccer Club needs donations from members and others in the community to make it work. 

In lieu of outright scholarship, the Damascus Soccer Club has engineered its current volunteer management system - giving members in need to subsidy a chance to buy down their registration through volunteerism. 

One volunteer project, as it turns out, is marketing and fund raising. Once we are able to restore the Ryan W Pestun fund to working condition, scholarships will once again become available. 

Scholarships are limited. Applicants will be asked to provide evidence of economic hardship. This is usually collected in the form of school lunch subsidy, rent assistance, fuel assistance or other similar aid.  Additionally, families who have had a sudden loss in income (due to divorce, death or unemployment) shall be eligible. A written story should be included that the scholarship fund committee can review. 

To apply, please send an email to

Register for Financial Aid

Click on the Registration button below to submit an application to be considered for financial aid. 

You may also contribute to the fund below

Click the button that says "Register: Ryan W Pestun Fund" below.

Making a Donation

If you would like to make a donation to the Ryan W Pestun Memorial fund, click the red button above and enter your donation amount. Any amount is available. Providing contact information is not necessary, but we sure would like to thank you for your contribution, so please consider sharing. 

Thank you in advance for support the Damascus Soccer Club and the Ryan W Pestun Memorial fund! Your donation will help to enable kids who can't afford to pay - the ability to play!