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"We are in the Damascus Soccer Club for the first time (my daughter is 4) and are so grateful to have such a great league nearby. My daughter's coach is great and she is learning a lot and having fun! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants their kids to learn and knows their child won't be playing MLS any time soon!"

- Anna Deslauriers

Get Ready for More than Soccer Fun!

We have served Northern Montgomery County  area for 33 years! We're sanctioned by the State, run an in-house league, Select Travel programs through NCSL and EDP, and co-own two major tournaments: August Cup and Rush for the Cup.

Our mission of promoting Character, Development, and Fun  Through Youth Sports has resonated well in our community for a long time and we've turned out some really great adults as well as athletes. This is what we do and why our nonprofit 501(c)3 exists.

Join us for 8 weeks of play in an affordable, family-friendly setting, or become a monthly annual member for even more benefits at a lower monthly price! Help us promote teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, empathy, and more in our efforts to help the good citizens of tomorrow be the best they can be.

ID and Development Camps

Coaches and Adult Volunteers


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Damascus Soccer Club Inc is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization.

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Damascus Soccer Club

Damascus Soccer Club (DSC) has been serving youth and their families in our community since 1988. Club players from 34 schools come together on our fields and indoor facilities for three seasons (Fall, Winter and Spring) every year to learn, play, and absorb the lessons of character development through sport. 

Our three programs include Academy (ages 3-8), Recreation (ages 9-18) and select travel (played through NCSL ages 10-18). 

Ours is a homestyle, grass-roots program, lead mostly by community and parent volunteers. Many of our volunteer coaches are licensed, accredited, certified and/or hold diplomas from NSCAA, NFHS, or US Soccer. 

We have a Development vs Entertainment Focus

The Damascus Soccer Club is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization who's culture emphasizes development over entertainment. What do we mean? 

We mean that we only get one chance at raising our kids. For us, that means 15 solid years of opportunity - from 3 years to 18 years old. - to positively affect the way our kids interact with the world around them. 

Youth sports brings a lot of value into our kid's lives: fitness, fun, healthy habits, good nutrition, time with family, excitement, and more. Youth sports helps kids become well rounded, team-oriented, adults.

Youth Sports gives us the gift of thousands of teachable moments. Win, lose or draw, kids get to experience victory and defeat. They see first hand the benefits of sharing and working with others vs being selfish. They get to experience the value of work ethic & the differences between people who put in the time to improve vs the ones who don't. 

They form friendships outside of their regular school or neighborhood groupings - friendships that share the same values, and can not only help them get through difficult times but may last a lifetime. 

Youth Sports exposes kids to responsible and volunteer-oriented "good citizen" adults. As parent volunteers, we show by example what it means to contribute to our community and give back to the generations that follow us. 

The Soccer Sidelines Podcast

The Damascus Soccer Club sponsors a weekly podcast that was made to bring parents, players, and coaches together around the stuff that matters in youth sports. Subjects like Integrity Through Youth Sports, Empathy Through Youth Sports, Making College Affordable, Systems of Play, Making Training Age Appropriate, Reading the Offside Foul, and Moms and Dads Can Coach, but Should They? are just a few of the subjects our Club President, David Dejewski, discusses on this show. 

Some of the best discussions we've had have been with parents, players, and coaches on the sidelines of a soccer field. Listen in here for some good sideline discussions. 

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Damascus Soccer Club

Phone: 888-824-7622

Damascus Soccer Club Inc
267 Kentlands Boulevard Suite #5071
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